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Carlton Cartridge Heaters

Carlton Technologies stock a number of standard cartridge heaters, we also provide bespoke cartridge heaters for all markets.  Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements

Ultra watt high density cartridges are stainless steel heating cylinders: the core is a nickel-chrome resistive wire wound between a pre- compressed magnesium oxide support and an oxide layer of magnesium oxide powder. This unique technology ensures high thermal transmission and excellent dielectric properties at elevated temperatures.

The special manufacturing process of Ultra watt heaters, along with the use of the highest quality materials, allows to achieve very high operating temperatures (up to 750° C) also under severe environments conditions.

The collection, from Ø 6,35 mm to Ø 20 mm, includes also special models with imperial measurement unit. Depending on the diameter of the heating element a wide array of body lengths is available, in a range from 30 mm to 400 mm, satisfying the needs of many application sectors.
Different applications require different technical specifications: this is why the Ultra watt cartridge catalog offers a wide range of configurations for sealing, cables, cable insulation, fastening systems.

Beside this, it is also possible to integrate a thermocouple temperature sensor inside the Ultra watt cartridge, thus simplifying the electrical scheme: the sensor can be installed either in the middle of the body length or on the head-side of it.


The ongoing improvement in EuroHeat product design and manufacturing along with the contribution of next generation machines and plants, in the quest of best quality raw materials, in producing process optimising and the transparent relationship customer-supplier, as winning strategies, enabled Euro heat to become the leader in its field and to develop a world sales network, with distributors over all five continents.


Ultrawatt catalog offers multiple choice options based on the size of the body and on the required power. From the basic characteristics onward, it is possible to customise the heater through a series of options that make it perfect for every purpose.

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