Etched Foil Heating Elements 

Carlton Technologies can supply all etched foil and cable on foil products in batches from 1 piece to 1,000 pieces +.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Etched Foil 

Flexible heating foils produced by Zoppas Industries Heating Elements Technologies start with a minimum thickness of just 0.15 mm, they can generate a heat up of 350°C to allow excellent heat transfer results from the heater’s thin design and direct bonding to an application. These heaters are of a thin design and construction and made of flexible materials to be shaped to ft almost any type of equipment.

The heaters can be applied to the most complex shapes, geometries, curves and pipes conceivable without sacrificing efficiency or dependability.

Flexible heaters provide fast heat-up and cool-down rates, ensuring uniform heat distribution at various watt densities.

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