Towel Rail Heating Elements

Carlton Technologies are one of the largest towel rail element distributors in the UK. We have a wide range of towel rail element options designed to supply all aspects of the European market. Stocking 100,000s of towel rail heating elements in our purpose built distribution centre we can supply elements same or next day.

We have vast experience in working alongside some of the largest blue chip companies in the UK and can offer benefits such as JIT deliveries, product customisation, product labelling, barcoding, packaging options, technical helpline, Carlton Technologies unbranded transport and ancillaries. 




Shorty is a cost effective simple thermostatic controlled towel rail element designed to appeal to the mass market.


Carlton Technologies are proud to present the only true low surface temperature (LST) towel rail element on the market.

Our solution to the LST market is to accurately control the internal water temperature of the towel rail allowing the element to maintain a surface temperature of less than 42°.

Our Aquarius LST element is a one of a kind, innovative and exciting product. It has a tried and tested record over many different sites internationally and is regularly used in applications where our client specifies that they need low surface temperature (LST) as members of
the public will come into contact with the towel rail.

The perfect solution for areas with vulnerable people – the Aquarius LST is offered in both white and chrome and a number of power output options.

The fantastic design features include:

  • Close temperature control which regulates the water temperature inside the towel rail
  • The surface temperature does not exceed 42°c therefore eliminating possible injury and your liability
  • Easy installation, the element can be retrofitted to existing towel rails already in situ
  • The only TRUE LST element available from the UK Market by use of water temperature feedback to the water temperature control
  • Available in 150w, 300w and 600w in both White and Chrome
  • Available ex stock from the UK
  • CE Certified


Atlantis includes innovative technology and is surrounded by a sleek and sophisticated exterior, a must have product that guarantees to modernise any bathroom whilst offering a practical solution to your customers heating requirements.The fantastic design features include:

  • PTC technology means the element can be used vertically or horizontally in a wet application.
  • Close temperature control is achieved by a capillary thermostat feeding back the internal water temperature.
  • Available in both Chrome and White – 150w, 300w and 600w.
  • All sizes and colours available ex-stock from the UK.
  • Easy installation.

The Atlantis was developed through collaboration between Carlton Technologies and our close partners Zoppas Industries. The aim was to produce a thermostatic towel rail element that was reliable, sleek and had the ability to operate both vertically and horizontally.

Thankfully the market agrees that we achieved what we set out to do, available in both a white and chrome finish and from 150w – 600w output options this thermostatic towel rail element really does cover all bases allowing our customers to stock just this one code to cover a number of their customer’s needs.


Carlton Technologies stock a wide range of PTC towel rail elements.

PTC stand for Positive Temperature Coefficient. This basically means that unlike the standard heating element these heaters self-regulate their temperature along their complete length and are not controlled by a single reading at the point of the thermostat.

This is important for our customers as the PTC element can be used both horizontally and vertically, therefore making the PTC towel rail element perfect for both traditional ladder style towel rails and designer towel rails alike.

Unlike traditional heating elements that use a resistance wire, PTC heating elements are made as ceramic stones.  These ceramic stones are manufactured to heat up a defined temperature and then maintain that temperature by reducing the power.

Initially the element will use 300 watts of power until the rail reaches its’ designed operating temperature of 65°C after which it will reduce the electrical current whilst maintaining the rail temperature.

As a result, a separate thermostatic control unit is not required, and the heating element uses significantly less electricity than a conventional heating element.

Benefits of PTC heating elements

  • No thermostat required
  • Maximum temperature cannot be exceeded by PTC elements
  • Any working position: the absence of thermostats permits either horizontal or vertical orientation of the heater during operation.
  • Smaller diameter than in traditional heaters – provides a wider installation capability
  • Very fast warm up phase followed by constant temperature thereafter
  • Lower running costs than conventional resistance wire heaters


Here at Carlton Technologies this is still our bestselling range.

Carlton Technologies are a major supplier of Towel rail heating elements to Towel rail manufacturers, Installers and suppliers, working with the Industry leader in this sector RICA Italy supplying fixed wattage heaters from 75 Watts up to 850 Watts with, in built thermal fuse and safety thermostat.

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of heating elements and systems manufactured by RICA division IRCA Spa in Italy designed for use in various industries from Refrigeration, Catering, Air Handling, Space and Flight, Transportation, Home and comfort right through to Large Industrial process applications.

This type of element can be used vertically within a towel rail and has an internal thermostat and thermofuse that regulate the temperature inside the towel rail.

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